5 Reasons we “Love”: Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Employees, Community

Curtis Miner Architecture

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! At Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA), we are proud to be a part of the Utah architecture community; to work with skilled and gifted contractors, subcontractors, and consultants; and to continue our pursuit of excellence as a team. Here’s what we love about our clients, consultants, contractors, employees, and community.


What do you most love about CMA clients?

Gerrit Timmerman

Gerrit Timmerman, Principal specializing in automotive architecture, loves our clients because they are “Amazing to work with!”

Curtis Livingston

Curtis Livingston, Project Architect specializing in education architecture: “I love my clients because I consider them my extended family. Without them my career would not be possible. Because of them I get to do what I love to do!”


What do you most love about CMA contractors and subcontractors?

Dallas Nelson

Dallas Nelson, Project Architect with a strong understanding of construction principles: “Our contractors turn designs into reality. Our subcontractors take pride in their work.”

Lynn Davies

Lynn Davies, Project Manager with expertise in commercial office, food service, multi-family residential and automotive facilities: “Contractors make my vision a reality!”


What do you most love about CMA consultants?

Scott Bingham

Scott Bingham, who volunteers for the Design Review Board for Provo City: “What is not to like?”

Curtis Miner

Curtis Miner, Founder and Principal: “They take care of our clients.”


What do you most love about CMA employees?

Jay Taggart

Jay Taggart, Principal specializing in complex projects such as education and assisted living, loves his co-workers because they “Are talented and hard working.”

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson, Visualization Specialist with a keen eye for graphics and detail, loves his co-workers because “We’re a family!”


What do you most love about the Pleasant Grove/Utah/architecture community?

Sara Durocher

Sara Durocher, talented and productive Office Manager: “CMA has contributed to the local community by designing quality structures.”

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson, Project Architect known for his team approach: “Perpetual growth, industrious, value-based, entrepreneurship, friendly.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!