Since joining Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) in early 2020, Blake has impressed clients and coworkers with his willingness to learn in order to help better fulfill his roles and responsibilities. With his promotion to Senior BIM Technician, he’s using his knowledge of structural, electrical, and mechanical drafting and modeling to better understand how his designs work and help influence the designs of subconsultants.

In addition to being well trained in REVIT and other 3D modeling programs, Blake has a solid understanding of design phases, project delivery methods, building codes, and construction methods. This knowledge regularly helps him see the larger picture and help fill holes and mitigate potential issues before they arise. While assisting his project manager and architect in code research, he has become more familiar with building codes and their influence on floor plan development.

While Blake doesn’t anticipate many changes in his day-to-day routine in his new role, he looks forward to more involvement in construction administration and managing more small projects. He’s appreciated the active role his project architect and project manager have taken in his progress and the opportunities to assist them with different tasks. “CMA has an environment that helps to focus on the individual and to help each employee find success and grow and develop professionally,” Blake said.

He believes his most significant strength is his passion for his work and the industry. “I love what I do and believe that is one of the reasons that I am good at it,” shared Blake. “That love for what I do influences my work and helps me to create a better end product.”

Blake also loves working at CMA. “It’s such a good place to grow, learn and help build a better future for my family,” he explained. “I have learned and grown so much while working here. I look forward to the additional professional and personal growth that will come as I continue to be a part of such a great company.”

We’re excited too, Blake!