Building Up: Nathan Brown Showcases his Professional Development


Today we celebrate Nathan Brown’s promotion to Jr. Project Manager!

His ability to quickly learn and forge positive relationships with others will certainly come in handy in his new position. As a Jr. Project Manager, Nathan is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the drafting team and leading the efforts to coordinate between the triad of architects, consultants, and owners.

Nathan knows the routine–he’s been working with project managers since becoming a senior drafter. But he is prepared and excited for the additional responsibilities, even if it takes some time to adjust.

“It’s been the biggest change for me,” he notes as he discusses his new role overseeing more construction administration tasks. “I have definitely seen a shift in my day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.”

What began as a love for planning and creating things like backyard forts has morphed into a career where he can share his love for helping design and build actual buildings. His passion for architecture, his work ethic, and willingness to be a team player have brought him this far and we’re excited to see Nathan continue to grow within CMA.

Congratulations, Nathan!