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CMA Spotlight: Jaron Harral, Senior BIM Technician

Utah Architecture Benefits from 3D Printing Senior BIM Technician Jaron Harral brings a wealth of experience in 3D modeling, particularly creating custom elements. When he joined Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) in 2018 the firm had begun its 3D printing experiment. Ian Anderson, CMA Visualizations Manager, learned Jaron was a high-tech hobbyist and was regularly printing […]

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Visualization: A Critical Step

From 3D modeling and 3D printing to project animations and virtual reality, visualization is a critical step in our process. These technologies allow clients to visualize, interact with, and understand buildings and spaces before a shovel hits the dirt!

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3D Printing: A Visual Aid for Outstanding Design Work

How 3D Models Benefit Designers, Clients, and Projects CMA continually seeks new and innovative ways to design structures. The use of 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology. It’s one we frequently utilize to create working, realistic models to bring a building to life. “The biggest benefit is being able to visualize the big-picture composition. […]

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Three Ways VR is Changing our Design Approach

While virtual reality (VR) isn’t a new technology, the ways the technology is being used to communicate design intent and convey space is. 3D modeling and rendering, 3D printing, VR single point and walkthroughs are transforming design and architecture at Curtis Miner Architecture. Whether it’s one or two of these tools or a combination, we […]

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