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Canopy 4 is Updated

We gave Canopy 4 a new exterior and interior, focusing on an open concept with an industrial aesthetic to appeal to any client walking through. #CommercialArchitecture #AECUtah #CommercialDesign #InteriorDesignUtah 

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CMA Interior Design

Interiors leave the most longstanding impression of a building’s quality. At CMA, we are careful and deliberate in designing our projects’ interior spaces, achieving the most optimal comfort and enjoyment. #CMAServices #OutstandingService #InteriorDesign #InteriorDesignUtah #DesignArt #Design #DesignEverything

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CMA Spotlight: Interior Design Group

Intentional Interior Design Creates an Impact At Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA), we understand that the first thing a person notices when they enter a space or building is whether it is relaxing, pleasant, and comfortable. It is the quality of the interior environment that creates their first impression. And rightly so. People typically spend more […]

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CMA Spotlight: Shaylee Mears, Interior Designer

Shaylee Mears is a new Interior Designer, equipped with the latest education and training in designing interior spaces to meet clients’ needs. Even from a young age, she had an eye for the creative side and an interest in working in commercial interior design. Upon graduating college and researching potential employers, Shaylee was impressed with […]

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Existing Building Shaping into a Bank

We’re working on an interior remodel for a bank in Alpine—we have an existing building that we’re working with, shaping the interior into a space that feels open, modern, and has a smooth work-flow.

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Interiors are Essential

Interiors are an essential component to the reception and functionality of a building. At CMA, we are careful, thoughtful, and deliberate with our interior designs, encouraging an environment that complements the purpose and structure of the building.

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Specialist Spotlight: Jill Miles

Jill Miles has always loved to create. While a senior in high school she took an interior design class and quickly realized it was a practical application of creating that she loved. When she was deciding where to attend college, she toured the Utah State University campus and walked through the studios of the Interior […]

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Farewell to Christina

Farewell To Christina We are sad to lose such a great interior designer in Christina, but are very excited for her and the new opportunities she will find. Thank you for every day of the five-plus years you have been with us, Christina!

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Create Soothing Healthcare Settings with B+N’s Fortina

The following article was published in the Interior Design Magazine May 8, 2020 Issue. Even the most attuned design minds may find it challenging to distinguish between residential, hospitality, and healthcare settings these days. In 2020,  design boundaries are more fluid than ever and creating spaces that help those within them feel at ease […]

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