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Municipal Architecture Attention to Detail

CMA’s current and past municipal project experience thoroughly qualifies our architecture with attention to detail and a diversity of structures well-designed to fit within the community. #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #PoliceStationDesign #FireStationDesign #AECUtah 

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Designed for Community: the Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building

How the entire team brought success to Lehi’s newest facility When the Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building officially opened in October 2020, it capped years of effort by Lehi City leaders to achieve. While there was little doubt Lehi’s Police Department needed a new facility, the concerns about removing the historic Broadbent Building to […]

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Public Safety Specialists

We’ve worked with the public safety sphere for a long time, and are happy to show our appreciation for their workers this Public Service Day! Whether we’ve been your architects or not, thank you! #FireStationDesign #PoliceStationDesign #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #PublicServiceDay

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Mapleton Public Safety – Police, Fire & EMT

The Mapleton City Public Safety Building was built to encompass their police, fire, and EMT departments perfectly while complementing their existing Mapleton City Center as well. As with all our work, we can safely call this one a success! #FireStationDesign #PoliceStationDesign #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #MapletonCityPublicSafetyCenter

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Construction Progressing in Lehi

Watching a design come to fruition is a marvel. For this new 43,834 SF building in Lehi, Utah, masons are installing the brick. At the base of the brick is GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. While concrete is heavy and easily cracks, the glass fiber gives it stability and lightens the weight. The blue […]

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Mapleton Public Safety Combines Fire and Police

The challenge with this project was to design a functional building on a tight budget. Together with Mapleton City, we designed a great building that met those goals. There is plenty of space for emergency response and police vehicles, two large training rooms, secure evidence storage, turn out lockers for the fire department, offices for […]

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