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Women in Construction Week

Every woman on our CMA team is an invaluable addition to our work. We are grateful for all the women in our industry, and for this week in particular, in construction. Happy Women in Construction week. #WomenInConstructionWeek #AECUtah #UtahConstruction #WomenInArchitecture

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CMA and K-12 Schools

Working on K–12, private, and charter schools is our pride and joy. We have a robust collection of part projects in these areas because building schools that help our youth shine is a passion at CMA. #EducationArchitects #AECUtah #EducationArchitecture #K12Architecture #UtahSchoolDistricts #UtahArchitects 

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Trends in Active Adult Communities

Design to Emphasize Independence, Wellness, Connectivity As more baby boomers enter retirement, households are downsizing and there has been a shift in demand for active adult communities. These communities are typically designed and constructed for residents aged 55 and up. Residents are drawn to an independent, maintenance-free living environment that supports wellness, learning, convenience, and […]

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Thoughtful Masterplan Communities

Our masterplans result in thoughtful & accessible communities & buildings from all angles. With years of training & experience, we know the factors that make these plans possible. #Masterplan #UTArchitectureFirms #UtahArchitects #CMAServices 

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CMA and Multifamily Communities

CMA creates accessible, elevated, and inviting multifamily residential communities. We design for all of the complex needs that not only make a community attractive, but functional. #AECUtah #MultiFamilyArchitecture #MultiFamilyHousing #UtahArchitects #UTArchitectureFirms

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Welcome to a NEW BIM Technician

Tressa Messenger is a skillful drafter and artist trained in both classical and traditional architecture principals. She is organized, passionate, and committed, and we and her clients are grateful to have her. #CMATeam #AECUtah #MeetOurTeam #Teamwork #UtahArchitects 

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Code Consulting is Critical

Code consulting is a critical service to ensure the safety of any building—whether it is a single-family residence or large business. Our work is expert, efficient, and understands applicable codes back to front. #CodeConsulting #AECUtah #CMAServices #UTArchitectureFirms #UtahArchitects 

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Elegant Design Specialty

Elegant, functional, budget-focused design is our main objective and our specialty. We seek only the best from ourselves so we can deliver the best for our clients. #AECUtah #CMAServices #UtahArchitects #DesignArt #ExcellentDesign

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