CMA Delivers Upscale Upgrade for Utah Mazda Dealership


Jerry Seiner Orem Mazda Remodel Leverages Budget to Create a New Image

When Orem Mazda began efforts to become one of the auto manufacturer’s Retail Evolution showrooms, owner Jerry Seiner looked to Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) to help implement the required branding and image upgrade. On a national basis, Mazda began repositioning the brand to communicate a higher-end, premium and luxury image a few years ago. This resulted in the manufacturer also mandating a new look and feel for dealerships. 


Retail Evolution Image Program Requirements

The goal for Orem Mazda’s 7,618 SF remodel was to integrate the elements required by the national brand, while also maintaining the operational needs of Jerry Seiner’s Utah dealerships. CMA enthusiastically accepted the challenge by working closely with Jerry Seiner Orem Mazda, Mazda North American Operations, and the local building contractor, Cameron Construction.  CMA coordinated the team to successfully integrate the numerous image requirements set forth by Mazda, including spaces, finishes, materials, and colors, while ensuring the remodel met the operational needs of the general manager, Chip Hawkes.


Spaces, finishes, materials, and colors were successfully integrated, as set forth by Mazda.

Increasing Efficiencies and Comfort

CMA helped to update the dealership to increase efficiency and comfort for the dealership’s sales process. “Our design creates a welcoming and comfortable space that leads a potential customer into the showroom to be greeted by the receptionist and then directly a salesperson,” states Gerrit Timmerman, Principal. “When they’re ready to purchase, there is a seamless transition in meeting with a member of the finance team.”


Efficiency and comfort for the dealership’s sales process were increased

Priority: Customer Touch Points

“Upgrading customer touch points was an important design element.” Gerrit elaborates. “We updated the service drive, added custom amenities to the waiting area for customer comfort while their oil was being changed, and renewed the customer waiting area itself. We found solutions to any area a customer would go to as part of their experience in coming and going from the dealership.”


A Grand Entry: The Jewel Box

In an effort to meet the manufacturer’s required design elements there were some unique aesthetic changes that CMA helped Jerry Seiner Orem Mazda emphasize. “One important piece to the dealer is called the jewel box,” Gerrit explains. “Outside, the showroom’s full vehicle lift makes it look as though a car is floating in the air. We had to preserve the jewel box feature as part of the remodel.” Beyond a color change from silver to black to better match the rest of the interior upgrades, the entry is more open–CMA added a two-story window to the entry. “It was a significant challenge to preserve the jewel box but make the entry more open. Entry doors stayed the same, but above the door we added a window so it looks like two stories,” adds Gerrit. “Now, there is a more defined grand entry and the jewel box is more prominent.”

By updating the customer touch points, CMA was able to help maximize a remodel budget to make the entire 29,132 SF Jerry Seiner Orem Mazda feel like a totally new building while meeting the requirements set forth in Mazda’s Retail Evolution Image Program.

📷 from ChangeUp Consulting with permission