CMA Sponsors Utah New Car Dealers Association Event


Industry conference attendance keeps us abreast of our clients’ needs

As a Utah architecture firm specializing in automotive dealerships, Curtis Miner Architecture’s Principal Gerrit Timmerman attended the Utah New Car Dealers Association Convention for the first time in November. CMA served as a bronze medal sponsor. In keeping with the brand of the association and to ensure all attendees could escape their day-to-day business, the meeting was held at the exclusive Pelican Hill resort in Newport, CA.


With morning classes and seminars and afternoons free for group activities, the four-day conference and networking event offered plenty of opportunities for associate members offering services to dealerships to interact with principle dealership members. For Gerrit, the conference provided time to strengthen existing relations and build new connections.

The conference was a positive experience for Gerrit. Beyond being impressed by the professionalism and networking at the conference, he found the presentations to be beneficial. Some presenters spoke concerning market conditions while others forecasted trends in the automotive dealer industry itself. One presentation spoke to the growing trends within the automotive industry related to electric cars. In response, most manufacturers are adding an electronic option to their lineup.  Local dealers have also increased EV charging stations at their dealerships as an amenity for customers.

“We are excited to participate, attend, and learn more about the industry so we can be better business partners through our designs,” he said on attending the NCDA of Utah as an associate member. “Getting to know attendees individually and as an industry will help us to better respond to their needs.”