CMA Spotlight: Christopher Thompson, Senior BIM Technician

Christopher Thompson

When Christopher Thompson joined Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) in 2018, he had worked for 14 years in the construction industry. He decided to go back to school to become an architect and has loved working at CMA and revels in the learning process of architecture.

Christopher appreciates the broad spectrum of activities and knowledge that are required and acquired in his job. As a senior BIM technician, he specializes in Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application. This complex design and collaboration tool has proven very helpful in working on the Lehi City Master Plan. “BIM has offered enhanced opportunities for CMA to show the client the overall vision of the master plan,” Christopher explains. “It helps stakeholders envision what the city could be in 10, 20, or 50 years’ time as well as provides a palette of illustrations that helps residents and business leaders embrace and provide feedback on.”

In addition to time spent in the office, Christopher also works closely with contractors during construction administration to ensure the final product meets the design intent and client expectations. “This enthusiasm to provide excellent design and outstanding service generates momentum that makes projects fun to be a part of,” he shares.

In the time Christopher has been in the AEC industry he has seen the days of formal workspaces diminishing. “In the next five years I believe we’ll see our industry move more and more online and working through the cloud with remote stations,” he says.

Perhaps 2020 has been the proving ground for his prediction. Over the past eight months Christopher has observed distance work arrangements have been a great opportunity for CMA to find out just how adaptable we are to transitions in the workplace and changes in market demands.