CMA Spotlight: Interior Design Group

CMA Interiors Group

Intentional Interior Design Creates an Impact

At Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA), we understand that the first thing a person notices when they enter a space or building is whether it is relaxing, pleasant, and comfortable. It is the quality of the interior environment that creates their first impression. And rightly so.


Rockpoint Apartments & Clubhouse, Bluffdale, Utah

People typically spend more time inside buildings than out, and our interior designers’ expertise help us understand what our clients are looking for then design spatial solutions to meet their needs.


Alpha Warranty Office, South Jordan, Utah

Our Interiors Group collaborates with the entire design team—owners, CMA architects, and consultants—and serves an integral role in the overall design process. Once the interiors team understands the client’s intention, we select finishes and assist with layouts that help tell the story of the architectural space. This includes (everything from) wall coverings, flooring, lighting, to room layouts and architectural details.


UVU School of Nursing, Orem, Utah

Senior Interior Designer Jill Miles remarks, “As a commercial space interior designer, we understand the needs of a commercial space and have the resources to create a design and style that meets the client’s needs.”


Interpreting and Incorporating the Clients’ Brand

Above all else, a company’s office space is a key indicator of their brand. Because of that, CMA is thoughtful about how brand is interpreted in a building’s design, and our Interiors Group carries this attention to detail into our interior spaces.


Built Works Corporate Office & Production Facility, American Fork, Utah

We have handled specialty lighting such as signage backlighting and furniture selection to ensure the space not only has function, but style, bringing the building’s vision and story to life. One client—a car warranty company—shared their vision for the space, and we were able to design a light fixture around a car tire rim. The Interiors Group thrives on helping our clients tell their story.


Comfortable Spaces

The primary goal of every project is to develop an environment that is comfortable to all users of the space, and CMA’s Interiors Group helps clients determine what makes people feel most comfortable in their spaces.


Families First Pediatrics, Riverton, Utah

To execute our clients’ decisions, we work with engineers to ensure that comfort is a major focus of all interior spaces. This includes design considerations like comfortable lighting, temperature regulation mechanics, minimizing echoes from hard walking surfaces, selecting and spacing finishes properly, and maintaining an overall focus on the green/environmental aspects of each project.


Spectrum Academy Vocational High School, North Salt Lake, Utah

Interior Spaces That ‘Hit the Mark’

While the client work of CMA’s Interiors Group has been integral for many years and countless facilities, we have a couple of recent projects that really stand out and hit the proverbial mark.

One such project is the CMA-designed Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building. This award-winning project provides a highly functional, stylish, and historically rich facility for this growing community that they can be proud of for many years to come.


Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building, Lehi, Utah

Recently one of our clients had a prior experience with another interior design team that did not end well, which left them hesitant involving our interior design team on their new facility. Once construction began, the client realized they needed CMA’s Interiors Team to ensure they created a space that functioned well and achieved the style they were looking for.

“We were able to help this client get the design they wanted without holding up the construction timeline,” shares Jill. “This was challenging since the project was already under construction, but we delivered a wonderful, finished space! They ended up having a great experience with our Interiors Group. More importantly, CMA restored their confidence with involving an interior design team to complete their facility’s style and function.”


Interior Spaces That Stand the Test of Time

Every building has a story to tell. At CMA, we understand that facility design must be extremely intentional. We see past the brick and mortar and help clients visualize the spaces that will be used for years to come. When clients have commercial interior designers work on their projects, the result is a product that meets their needs and stands the test of time.


Alpine School District-Greenwood Elementary School, American Fork, Utah