CMA Spotlight: Jaron Harral, Senior BIM Technician


Utah Architecture Benefits from 3D Printing

Senior BIM Technician Jaron Harral brings a wealth of experience in 3D modeling, particularly creating custom elements. When he joined Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) in 2018 the firm had begun its 3D printing experiment. Ian Anderson, CMA Visualizations Manager, learned Jaron was a high-tech hobbyist and was regularly printing mechanical parts and figurines (even a Pinewood Derby car!). Seeing that passion and interest, Ian tapped his expertise to help finish the process of upgrading the printer. Jaron has been the operator ever since.


Jaron Harral

The Advantages of 3D Printing

Using 3D printers in architecture opens a whole new world of creative possibilities for helping our design team share ideas and solutions with clients. A 3D print has advantages over other forms of visualization CMA often employs. Jaron helps break it down for us. “While the use of head-mounted displays to experience virtual realities (VR) is common, some users encounter technical hurdles using the technology (or even motion sickness). Renderings require a high-power computer, or else have limited views we can display. Plans are, well, flat and many do not understand them intuitively. But a model you can hold in your hand, turn to any angle you want, that speaks to everyone. And of course, there is the sheer, novel wonder it invokes.”

Whether it’s modeling in Revit or generating a space to be explored in virtual reality (VR), Jaron and our BIM team utilize technology to facilitate the ability for CMA clients to visualize, interact with, and understand buildings and spaces long before they’re constructed. “I revel in the ability to make whatever is in my imagination come to life, to be able to communicate exactly what I have in mind to both colleagues and clients,” Jaron describes. “I like getting a model proportioned and detailed to the point our interior designers and rendering specialist only need apply their unique styling like icing on a well baked cake.”

A Model for the Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building

Are you starting to feel Jaron’s enthusiasm and love for his job? He recently applied this passion for design and technology while creating a 3D print model of the Lehi City’s new Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building. Since being awarded the project, CMA had been invited to attend a number of public safety functions across the state. During a Viz Team meeting, firm principal Jay Taggart mentioned he wanted a set a of drawings to take to a particularly high-profile event.

To Jaron, the rolls of drawings are not only awkward to handle, but often difficult to understand for those not in the AEC profession.  “I had just finished making a little model of the Porsche/Audi dealership, with full interior, and I proposed to do a similarly detailed print of the Public Safety Building to replace the big roll of black and white sheets,” he divulged. Jaron had a little over a month to do the work. The day before the event, he was up all night carefully coaxing the temperamental machine through the final hours of the multi-piece print. Based on the attention it garnered at the event, the effort was worth it.




Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building 3D Prints

Technology Tools of the Trade

Tools and technology make our jobs easier and more productive. While he uses Revit’s collaboration tools a lot, there is no tool he’s liked more than BIM Collaborate (aka Bim 360). As the Visualizations Team (Viz Team for short) continues to unravel all the complexities of the software, Jaron sees it is a superior method for working remotely and with our consultant engineers.

3D Print Media Services

What’s next for CMA’s visualization capabilities and services? The firm is in the process of creating a schedule of 3D Prints and costs to offer to clients. Once a printable model is created, it is straightforward and inexpensive to create multiple prints from it. They are also often easy to scale either smaller or larger.  

“While the novelty of these items is certainly unparalleled, we believe they can also have many practical uses for our clients,” Jaron explains. “I envision prints being shared in design review meetings with city boards and neighborhood meetings to demonstrate how a new building will enhance the area.” A similar strategy could be employed to present a tenant space in need of filling or a home builder showcasing unit types with a separate interior model.

Jaron finds there’s an addicting excitement in bringing together something grand and aesthetic as well as efficient and comfortable. “We excel at making buildings that both fulfill the practical needs of our clients while also making them attractive and comfortable. Whether a person only views one of our designs at a distance, or if they go inside one every day, we leave a good impression on their lives.”