CMA Spotlight: Shaylee Mears, Interior Designer


Shaylee Mears is a new Interior Designer, equipped with the latest education and training in designing interior spaces to meet clients’ needs. Even from a young age, she had an eye for the creative side and an interest in working in commercial interior design. Upon graduating college and researching potential employers, Shaylee was impressed with the work Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) was doing. “I had heard great things about CMA from other industry professionals,” notes Shaylee. “CMA works on a wide variety of projects, so I know there was a great deal of opportunity to grow and learn with them. My design aesthetic aligns well with their style and reputation, so I am excited to be a part of the CMA team.”

Skilled in Revit, Shaylee enjoys working in 2D, then looking at spaces in 3D to get a better vision of what the finished product might look like. Working closely with a variety of material representatives and CMA’s architectural teams, she utilizes her skills and attention to detail on educational and healthcare facilities, as well as office spaces.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job and specialization, her answer was clear, “I want to improve others’ lives through great design. If I can make a space beautiful, functional, and sustainable, I believe it can make a big difference in the user’s quality of life. With commercial design, I can reach a lot more people.”

During her time at CMA thus far, Shaylee’s expectations have been met or exceeded. Not only does the entire CMA team work well together in an organized manner, but everyone is willing to teach and help others.

Shaylee’s education, combined with CMA’s organized approach to projects, will no doubt ensure success for this bright, creative young professional. We are excited to see what she continues to conceive for our clients!