Congratulations Christopher Thompson, Licensed Architect

Christopher Thompson

A lifelong interest in architecture, combined with hard work and determination, have paid off for Christopher Thompson, AIA, who is now a licensed architect. Christopher’s journey started during his six years as a contractor, but his curiosity about architecture led him to enroll in a one-year drafting program. It only took one semester for him to know that he wanted to become a licensed architect.

 For Christopher, realizing this goal required juggling family, work, and school; specifically, seven and a half years of schooling, 19 semesters of classes, 3,800 internship hours, six Architect Registry Exams, and expanding his family by welcoming four children during this time. “It took perseverance and determination every day to get here,” reflects Christopher. “It was as big of an accomplishment for my family as it was for me. I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

 While Christopher is elated to have fulfilled his goal of becoming a licensed architect, he says that only now does the real learning begin. His next goals are centered around becoming an architect not just in name, but also in understanding and skill. Congratulations, Christopher! CMA is excited to see the paths that lie ahead for you in your professional career.