Jacob Fredrickson Promoted to Senior BIM Technician


When Jacob joined Curtis Miner Architecture in April 2021, he was given every opportunity to prepare for advancement. Both the project architect and project manager he supports gave him assignments such as leading the preparation of construction documents. Jacob quickly recognized a Senior BIM Technician at CMA does so much more than drafting. “A Senior BIM Technician must know and recognize all phases of design and be able to execute each phase of design with accuracy and efficiency,” he explains.

Besides assisting with a variety of tasks, Jacob knows it’s critical to look beyond what he is asked and anticipate problems and solutions without having to be shown or notified. “An excellent Senior BIM Technician not only sees what he is designing, but also how this affects the consultants and others throughout the process,” he notes. That means reaching out to consultants to ensure their design is accurately reflected in the drawings. It also means being willing to fill any role necessary to push a project forward.

Whether modeling, annotating, or creating design options, coworkers and clients appreciate Jacob’s ability to work efficiently and effectively in a variety of building design softwares. They also value his commitment to working hard to perform his duties.

What does the future hold for Jacob? He anticipates more opportunities to teach and help others in their roles. He looks forward to receiving more responsibility in coordinating with subconsultant partners, managing and ensuring plans are accurate, and handling minor projects. “CMA has created the perfect environment for me to grow and become better,” he shares. “It is because of our firm’s values and principles that I am able to show and use my skills everyday.” He appreciates the great mentors who have taught him with patience and understanding. “It is a joy to come and work, and I look forward to it each day.”