Merrill Roberts Promoted to Project Manager

Merrill Roberts
The news of promotions is one that excites us. A promotion speaks to the drive, determination, and mettle of a fellow team member. Today we highlight the promotion of Merrill Roberts to project manager.His career path speaks to his motivation to learn and grow professionally. A certified architectural drafter, Merrill is procuring his architectural license and is midway through his Architectural Experience Program provided by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board. When he’s not studying for the ARE (Architectural Registry Exams) he often comes into the office early to learn new programs and be mentored by coworkers.

Merrill had been assisting a project manager and learning about the day-to-day routine and responsibilities of a project manager. He’s been working hard to develop and sharpen his skills to coordinate multiple projects and teams, communicate with subconsultants, optimize internal systems and structures, and collaborate with contractors to provide outstanding results for CMA clients.

“I am excited for these new responsibilities and the chance I have to help others,” he says. “I look forward to working closely with the architects to learn more from them.”

Merrill, we look forward to learning more from you!