Moving Up: Mike Sroufe’s Professional Progress


Shout-out to Mike Sroufe and his recent promotion to Junior Project Manager!

Mike knew at a young age that his future was in architecture. He learned CAD and designed house plans in high school, designed a house for his sister, and even drew up plans for an addition to his neighbor’s house–all before he ever started college. “I had great mentors that helped me realize my potential as a future architect,” he remarks.

Although Mike cut his teeth drafting and has spent many hours with BIM software, he is seeing a lot more coordination between CMA, clients, contractors, and consultants since being promoted to Junior Project Manager. “I’m finding that I have more opportunities to discuss design concepts and construction methods,” he says, relishing the new role.

His consideration of constructability and his team mates is one strength that sets him apart. “I ask myself, ‘Could I ACTUALLY build this?’ and if the answer is ‘no,’ then I need to go back to the drawing board,” he mentions.

Congratulations, Mike! We’re happy to have you on the team!