Brent Brown Toyota Shop Conversion

CORE was challenged with converting an existing multi-tenant retail building into an extension of the Brent Brown Toyota campus. The facility included an open space service shop with a separate BDC space for employees only and was required to fit within the Toyota design intent criteria. Vehicular display spaces, access ramps and roads were also coordinated to streamline logistics of vehicular maintenance and repair.

With exception of the single end tenant space that was converted into the new BDC for Brent Brown, the remaining 5 existing tenant spaces were combined into one, eliminating all of the interior demising walls. The project also included a new fire protection system. A new locker room and an oil compressor room were added to accommodate workforce independent of the facility and service tech needs. New overhead doors and service bay lifts were located strategically to maximize usability and facilitate efficient circulation and sequencing.

The building now features a large open service shop facilitating easy transition from the existing campus service drive to the newly constructed shop space and return to clientele. One of the tenant spaces, now the BDC offices, received new finishes, new furnishings, and electrical/mechanical upgrades. Branding signage was incorporated into the new fa├žade facing the street from which vehicular traffic approaches the Brent Brown campus.

  • Date : 2018
  • Client : Brent Brown Toyota
  • Construction Cost : $896,639
  • Size : 10,664 SF
  • Location : Orem, Utah
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