Intermountain Healthcare American Fork Hospital Remodel

Updating an active, fully functioning healthcare environment is a CORE healthcare team specialty – one we were able to deliver with recent improvements to American Fork Hospital. The remodel of five areas of the hospital provided an opportunity for Intermountain Healthcare to enhance care, serve community needs, improve patient wayfinding, and increase the hospital’s bottom line.

As one of the major areas of remodel the hospital’s main lobby area was updated to improve wayfinding and orientation through intuitive architecture and signage.  The project also included a major renovation and update to the interiors on the hospital’s Women’s Center. Security checkpoints were relocated to include the lobby, and a new infant protection system supports Intermountain Healthcare’s mission to provide and deliver technological solutions that help patients and those who provide care.

CORE completed a specialized life safety study of the entire facility, looking at the building elements designed to protect and evacuate the building during emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, and even power outages. Smoke-compartment areas were designated to provide protected areas of the building where patients can be moved during emergencies.

While no renovation project can be termed easy, CORE’s eagerness to delve into the complexities of these projects alleviated the inherent challenges associated with healthcare construction. At the end of the day, we are successful when our clients are successful.

  • Date : 2019
  • Client : Intermountain Healthcare
  • Construction Cost : Undisclosed
  • Size : 8,940 SF
  • Location : American Fork, Utah
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