Intermountain Healthcare American Fork Specialty Clinic

The Level 2 Clinic at the American Fork Specialty Clinic was completed in 2019. Two types of clinics now practice in this newly built out space. Cost was a concern for the client, therefore existing reception areas were repurposed for these two clinics. Patient privacy, flow and staff efficiencies were addressed, utilizing lean practices to minimize distances traveled by staff and patient. Maintaining the consistent handing of exams improves the efficiency and reduces error of staff. The build out also addressed sound issues in existing restrooms and adjacent spaces. The existing finishes were also updated in the repurposed clinic space.

The space consists of procedure rooms with support spaces, doctor’s offices, multipurpose room, exam rooms, MA stations, restrooms, and vital areas.

  • Date : 2019
  • Client : Intermountain Healthcare
  • Construction Cost : Undisclosed
  • Size : 3,507 SF
  • Location : American Fork, Utah
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