Intermountain Healthcare – Employee Services Center Remodel

The Intermountain Healthcare Employee Service Center (ESC) Remodel is a 22,622 SF single-story remodel project located in Murray, Utah.  CORE worked with multiple Intermountain Healthcare personnel and departments to help support their corporate initiative of implementing an open office concept and culture into an existing space.

Intermountain Healthcare tested this model on the ESC to determine its effectiveness elsewhere in the company with similar user groups. The original space contained multiple single-user offices and tall wall cubicles. The new open office concept eliminates single-use offices completely and relies on very low furniture partition walls to encourage collaboration and team work, while minimizing a sense of company hierarchy.   However, there was still a need for some small private spaces for use in conducting confidential conversations.  Shared privacy and conference rooms were programmed into the space to help strike a balance between the needs for privacy and the desire for openness. The result was a large open floor plan with privacy, conference, break, and copy rooms around the perimeter of the space.

Additionally, there was an existing corridor that separated the remodeled area into two spaces (one against the exterior wall and one internal to the building). The interior space had no direct connection to the exterior or natural daylight.  The owner desired for these 2 spaces to feel connected and for the interior space to have access to natural daylight.  Therefore, CMA introduced floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the corridor. The windows introduced natural light into the interior space and allowed for a visual connection between the 2 work areas.   The new space has been successful in meeting the needs of Intermountain Healthcare.

  • Date : January 2019
  • Client : Intermountain Healthcare
  • Construction Cost : Undisclosed
  • Size : 22,622 SF
  • Location : Murray, Utah
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