Micro Focus Office & Lab

CORE Architecture (CORE) was hired by Micro Focus to convert an existing office space into a computer lab that will run simulation and tests for software. The remodeled space is on the second floor of an 8-story building on the Micro Focus corporate campus. In the redesign, the computer lab was separated from office spaces and work areas with specialized walls and required an extensive upgrade to power infrastructure to cool the computers and equipment. To make the best use of the new space, mechanical systems were moved to the roof and the design includes protection of these systems from harsh weather conditions. 

The corporate campus interiors were updated to a beautiful design, including original 20-year-old woodwork that was salvaged and reused as wall accents in the new space.

  • Date : 2014
  • Client : Micro Focus
  • Construction Cost : Undisclosed
  • Size : 7,800 SF
  • Location : Provo, Utah
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