Spectrum Academy Charter School

Spectrum Academy Charter School is a K-9 school designed for children with autism, completed in 2014.

The design of the school creates an ideal environment in which the children learn without distractions and at their own pace.  Classrooms are enhanced with natural daylight, acoustically-treated walls, doors and ceilings.  Windows and skylights are located strategically to provide daylight and eliminate distractions.  Special rooms contain ceiling-mounted swings to encourage movement and physical development.  Materials, colors, and patterns do not interfere but enhance the children’s development.  Innovative observation rooms provide a means where educators and parents can observe and learn how to interact with the children.

The outdoor area provides an additional learning environment.  Playground equipment, landscaping, and circulation paths are designed specifically with these children in mind.

Sensory rooms, speech and physical therapy rooms, and the recreational hall assist in physical development and motor skills.

The life-skills room helps the children acquire skills to become independent adults, such as: setting the table; checking out books; grocery shopping; and doing the laundry.

The school teaches children and families how to meet the challenges of autism.

  • Date : 2014
  • Client : Spectrum Pleasant Grove, LLC
  • Construction Cost : $4,460,000
  • Size : 40,500 SF
  • Location : Pleasant Grove, Utah
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