Vivint Conference Building

A component of the Vivint Office Park, the 21,000 SF Conference Building is designed to fit into the existing context of the surrounding buildings and site. Taking clues from the strong circular site and building layout, materials of the conference building are consistent with those of the office building. Modern architectural elements such as the granite fin wall replaced adjacent traditional building elements.

The Conference Building provides a full, NBA size basketball court, stage, theater, break room, recording studio, lockers, and exercise room. The Conference Building functions as a large training and gathering space for the campus.  Connection to the existing context and green space is an integral part of the Office Conference Center Design. Recently, in 2011, to promote company wellness, the second floor was remodeled to include a 1,600 SF Medical Clinic. The clinic includes: a waiting area, reception, medical supply, office, restroom, nurse lab, two exam rooms, and a future dental office. The recording studio was remodeled to include a podcast room with a cyclorama wall.

  • Date : 2009
  • Client : Vivint
  • Construction Cost : $6,000,000
  • Size : 21,000 SF
  • Location : Provo, Utah
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