West Lindon Business Park Office & Warehouse

The West Lindon Business Park Office and Warehouse is a 2-story, 36,602 SF facility for an office and warehouse tenant. Throughout the design process, negotiations with potential buyers of the project were considered, and as a result, the project maintained flexible design options to accommodate future users. The project was designed to carefully balance the budget, schedule, and energy efficiency.

Office support functions including private offices, open office areas, and conference room spaces are all designed for flexibility and growth. The warehouse, which is anticipated for the storage of shrink-wrapped shipping-type products, was designed to maintain a consistent temperature. Overhead clearance, processing efficiency, and vehicular logistics and aesthetics were key factors in the design of the storage and processing space.

The building utilized site-cast concrete panels, providing a cost-effective and quick construction schedule. The panels ensure the necessary thermal envelope, as well as aesthetically-pleasing finished exterior and interior wall faces, with no need for supplemental furring or insulation.

The initial design phase of the project included storage garages above a 100-yard underground gun range. It would be the longest indoor gun range in the state.  Separate vehicular storage garages and gun ranges were also included in the design, along with an office warehouse building designed to accommodate 2 separate tenants. In phase 2, the owner elected to reduce the building size to accommodate a single tenant only, but include a future standalone office warehouse building. The vehicular storage and gun range were also phased out.

  • Date : 2018
  • Client : Private Developer
  • Construction Cost : $5,500,000
  • Size : 36,602 SF
  • Location : Lindon, Utah
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