Rising to the Challenge: Jonathan Johnson


Meet our Healthcare Architecture Specialist

For Project Manager Jonathan Johnson, every day is a chance to challenge himself and the healthcare design team. And the challenge certainly comes daily.

The additional building codes, healthcare guidelines, and Life Safety codes (among others) keep Jonathan and the healthcare team on their toes. And beyond architectural design, Jonathan and company must be aware of the needs of the end user–doctors, nurses, and medical staff. His team facilitates the design process to make sure the healthcare program’s critical performance requirements are incorporated into the building plans. It’s a delicate balancing act to make sure codes are met and the end user is able to successfully do their job.

What helps him keep that balance? One word: “Experience,” Jonathan says without hesitation. Between the Principal Architects and Project Architects, CMA has over 40 years of experience on the healthcare team. Whether constructing a hospital or redesigning medical office space, Jonathan and his team see where the experience leads. “Our office has been touted by our clients as having an amazing attention to detail that keeps them coming back,” he mentions.

His experience keeps him unfazed by the variety of projects that come his way. The Riverton Professional Plaza, a recent favorite, was also one of his most challenging projects. He was able to oversee and participate in every phase of the project, from initial meetings with the client to building design. “We were challenged by the owner to optimize all parts of the project,” he recalls. And optimize they did. Jonathan notes, “We have exactly as many parking stalls as we need to justify the size of the building and strived to not have any wasted space within the floor plan.”

Whether optimizing buildings or end user experiences, Jonathan is up to the challenge.