School Career Day: A Tutorial from Utah Architects

Oakdale Elementary Career Day

Curtis Miner Architecture Builds the Future of Architecture in Utah Schools

Community involvement is an important value at Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA), and so is building the future of architecture! Several of our Utah architecture professionals get involved in annual Career Day at various schools across the Wasatch Front. Here are two of our most recent ventures.

CMA Principal Gerrit Timmerman, AIA presented at Oakdale Elementary in Sandy, Utah for their School Career Day. He shared with 4th Grade and 5th Grade classes what it is like to be a Utah architect and how to become an architect by attending college and completing the necessary exams to become licensed. The students were very interested in the Virtual Reality (VR) goggles technology. Each student was able to use the goggles and experience multiple rendering scenes and projects. Gerrit has enjoyed participating in the community at Career Day events and promoting the architecture profession for more than a decade. Some of the other schools where Gerrit has presented include: Olympus High School, Cottonwood High School, and Union Middle School.

Curtis Miner Architecture Virtual Reality

Architects demonstrating the use of VR goggles

Project Architect Dallas Nelson, AIA presented to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders at Oak Canyon Jr. High in Orem, Utah. Dallas first got the lay of the land in terms of the kids’ understanding: he ascertained their knowledge of what an architect does. Dallas discussed the path to become an architect: college, internship, licensing. They discussed the earnings potential when first starting out, then at intervals down the road. Dallas took a building model that he’d designed in school with him and discussed the tools and technologies available to architects today. Students were most interested in discussing projects Dallas had worked on that they knew a little about, projects they’d been in or driven by. “The students were very interested in the Taco Amigo restaurant remodels,” said Dallas, “a lot of them had eaten there and remembered the before and after of the remodel.”

Taco Amigo Exterior

Taco Amigo Restaurant

Presentation Cover Page

Oak Canyon Jr. High Presentation


Oak Canyon Jr. High Presentation Skills/Interests Discussion

Pros & Cons resized

Oak Canyon Jr. High Presentation Pros & Cons of Architecture










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