Specialist Spotlight: Jill Miles


Jill Miles has always loved to create. While a senior in high school she took an interior design class and quickly realized it was a practical application of creating that she loved. When she was deciding where to attend college, she toured the Utah State University campus and walked through the studios of the Interior Design program and it felt like home. Four years later she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Her passion for creativity, collaboration and engagement are evident the moment you meet Jill. “I’m excited to bring my experience to Curtis Miner Architecture and join the designers in offering excellent design,” she says. Part of the draw for Jill to move from a large firm to CMA was the opportunity to collaborate more on projects. “I enjoy being part of the process of designing solutions for interior environments.”

Jill has a passion for being able to make a difference in the world around her and drawing on nature and history as inspiration for design. She’s had the opportunity to work on several historic projects and relishes delving into the history of a building. “It’s like doing detective work,” Jill marvels. “Finding out about the who, where, and why are exhilarating to me.”

Her love for a remodel or tenant improvement project comes from an ability to see the potential in a space and listen to the needs of a client. “I take personal pride in helping clients feel heard during the design process so they feel at home in their new environment,” says Jill. When she sees before and after photos and the noticeable improvement of the space, Jill knows she’s done her job well.

When asked to describe the most fun or challenging project she’s been a part of Jill’s eyes light up as she describes working with design professionals from another country on the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple. “While working internationally and using the metric system had its own set of challenges, developing relationships built on a common goal was incredibly rewarding,” Jill expresses. Traveling not only gave her a taste of the Brazilian culture but also provided an opportunity to see firsthand the way their design community works. It also increased her appreciation for the global economy and being able to live and do business in the United States.

Jill is optimistic for what the future holds for her at CMA. “The firm is growing and I’m thrilled to be a part of that growth. It’s great to be a part of a firm that encourages input and a team member can really feel like her ideas are heard.”