Specialist Spotlight: Lindsay Stephenson, Interior Designer


Lindsay’s interest in interior design peaked during her junior year of high school when she began to look at potential college majors. She recalls meeting with several advisors at various colleges who showed her current students’ work, including the more technical aspects of interior design such as space planning, drafting, and architectural detailing. These technical components interested her, and she returned home and signed up for a drafting class. The rest is history.

Lindsay holds an NCIDQ certification and has more than ten years of experience under her belt. She finds inspiration in history and legacy, including the stories people bring with them. “Whether it’s starting a new company or growing an existing one, there’s typically a story our clients share with us about where they’ve been and where they want to go,” she divulges. “I enjoy building on their history to help them create a space with endless possible potential for their future.”

Lindsay firmly believes interior design is about the client. “We want our clients to feel heard and be a part of our design process,” she emphasizes. “As the principal occupants of their space, it’s important the space not only meets their needs but that it reflects their company, their values, and their future.”

Because CMA is a growing firm, our interior designers have had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects that have increased their experience and ability to provide creative solutions. Lindsay has worked with large medical groups, financial companies, school districts, and many others. She believes all of these experiences add to her creativity and her flexibility to work on any project.