Specialist Spotlight: Nathan Brown


Experienced in Utah’s Multi-Family Housing and Assisted Living Projects

Nathan Brown is often integrated into project teams that are working on assisted living facilities and multi-family housing projects. And with Utah’s booming housing demands, he is busy!

As a junior project manager, Nathan enjoys the variety of tasks he takes on from day to day. “Each day is different. One day I may be refining a layout for a living unit and the next day I’m checking floorplan changes to ensure our design complies with building codes.”

Whether a new building or a renovation/remodel, respecting and understanding building codes and requirements is CMA’s inherent responsibility. “Changes to the code happen every year,” explains Nathan. “That’s why it’s critical we do our homework before we begin to design.”

Building codes can often drive project requirements; that’s why we take the time early on to understand the constraints. This thoughtful, deliberative approach can mean the difference between a successful building department review or a rejection, between obtaining a certificate of occupancy on schedule or experiencing a delay.

CMA strives to listen and learn first and then design. “It’s a part of our design approach that sets the firm apart,” Nathan asserts. We make the client an integral part of the process. Whether it’s exploring amenity spaces for a multi-family project to make it more marketable or designing efficient and comfortable living spaces for assisted living facility, we know it’s important to listen to the needs and desires of the client.

The firm recently finished construction documents for Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living in Provo. The remodel and addition created unique challenges Nathan and his project team enjoyed solving. “The details of demolition, understanding building code for new construction, and integrating new with existing was demanding but also very rewarding,” he shares.

These opportunities to learn and grow professionally also come through site visits to projects currently under construction. Nathan adds, “Within our office, each of us continually looks for ways to spread knowledge amongst the team to benefit each other both in current and future projects.”

It’s our commitment to client and to learning that define our firm, culture, and our approach to projects, and Nathan exemplifies this commitment for our housing projects.