Swing for the STARS

Alpine School District STARS Program

CMA’s Sponsorship Gives Utah County’s Literacy Education a Boost

A core value of Utah architectural firm, Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA), is supporting community organizations throughout Utah County. This month marked the 10th year that K12 architectural specialist and Project Manager Curtis Livingston and BIM Specialist Kyle Mendoza participated in Swing for the STARS (Students and Teachers Achieving Reading Success) Charity Golf Tournament sponsored by Alpine School District Foundation.

Alpine School District Students

Alpine School District students enjoying the STARS program.

Alpine School District Foundation’s STARS Program

The STARS Program provides a 20-day summer intensive reading program serving some of Utah County’s students that need additional assistance. These students enter the program possessing reading skills below the average in their class. Annually nearly 300 students from ten schools who are exiting kindergarten through second grades participate. The classes are taught by some of Alpine School District’s finest teachers. The program consistently makes a positive impact in children’s reading ability and self-confidence, including increasing reading skills by nearly five months.

Thank you letter from student

Thank you letter from student received by Curtis and Kyle

CMA Swings for the STARS

CMA takes pride in not only providing a Bronze sponsorship for this year’s event but also joining other community members in a fun day of golf supporting Utah County’s elementary education needs. An added bonus to the day was the firm’s duo winning fourth place in the tournament.


A Firm Commitment to Education

Over the years Curtis Livingston and Kyle Mendoza have been actively involved with Alpine School District on both a community and professional level. Professionally, CMA is working on the designs for the Mountain View High School renovation. The renovation, which will be complete in one to one-and-half years, is currently in schematic design. The project is phased over time and includes new administration & counseling suites, along with performing arts and athletics remodel.  The project will also include a new turf athletic field.

As described by firm founder and Principal, Curtis Miner, “Education facility design is not simply another building type in our portfolio, it is a passion. We understand that education facilities need to be innovative, flexible, dynamic and engaging in order to support teaching and learning methods today and into the future.”

CMA is a Utah County architecture firm that specializes in elementary, secondary and higher education architecture projects. CMA will continue their commitment to education both from the perspective of fulfilling their professional role as K-12 specialists in architecture design and supporting community outreach programs such as STARS. To learn more about STARS or to make a donation please visit: http://foundation.alpineschools.org