Visualization: Helping Clients Envision and Understand Their Spaces


A leader in the use of visualization tools, Curtis Miner Architecture is always exploring new tools and technologies to facilitate the ability of our clients to visualize, interact with, and understand their buildings and spaces.

Over our 20-year history CMA has provided visualization services in varying and evolving forms. While 2D and 3D renderings and sketches are still an important part of the design process, we’ve seen an emerging trend in the field of visualization: the integration of technologies to serve a greater variety of workflows and client experiences.


Rockpoint Apartments Club Room


Rockpoint Apartments Club Room

“We’ve seen how all these powerful tools nurture exploration, discovery, and innovation in design,” explains Associate Mike Anderson, AIA, NCARB. “Interactive design can help inspire, explain, demonstrate, and persuade in useful and powerful ways.”Weekly Site and Building Walkthroughs

The Rockpoint Apartments project in Bluffdale is a great example of how visualizations in a variety of forms played a key role in advancing and executing deliverables.

The CMA project team utilized visual and virtual communications to collaborate with a large number of decision makers – three owner group entities and a third-party architectural group. “During weekly working meetings, we would use screen share for virtual site and building walkthroughs,” describes Mike. “This interaction and feedback resulted in some dynamic spaces and innovative use of materials and program interaction.”


Rockpoint Apartments Leasing Room

Informed Decision-Making

The significant investments being made by the owner entities were better informed as a result of 3D visualizations. The visualizations were then used to support marketing efforts, infusing momentum for would-be buyers to be able to see and even experience how the apartments would look before beginning construction.


Rockpoint Apartments Game Room


Rockpoint Apartments Fitness Center

Engagement in the Process

Connecting creativity with technology is an integral part of collaboration and partnering. “Our unique design approach invites the best thinking and input,” says Mike. “We believe when all stakeholders are engaged in design, it results in a better product. Everyone involved has a better understanding as the design develops and real-time feedback is shared. And this feedback can impact costs and even influence ways of building and sequencing.”


Rockpoint Apartments Pool Deck


Rockpoint Apartments


The evolution of immersive, interactive tools to organize and present ideas is exciting to Mike. “Kids are crazy for Minecraft and are acclimated to its world and virtual reality. They’re learning about creativity and working together and don’t even realize it!”

With the current talent shortage in our industry, it’s our hope they embrace the new virtual architecture. These future architects germinating from this new world are sure to influence the way visualizations will be made and experienced in the future.