Wasatch Education Foundation


Shaping Wasatch County Students’ Lives

When it comes to supporting our communities, CMA can think of no better approach than giving to local education foundations who help shape future generations of young minds. “Our team has enjoyed supporting the Wasatch Education Foundation over the years. It is humbling to know that our support directly provides resources that allow students to continue their education, while realizing their life and professional goals,” said Curtis Livingston. 

As designers of education facilities, we are passionate about supporting the entities with whom we work and helping students reach their academic goals. We do this professionally by designing high-tech, 21st century education facilities, but we also believe in donating to organizations that propel students into successful futures.


An Education Foundation with Tools for Student Success

Since 2007, members of the CMA team have been supporting the Wasatch Education Foundation, whose mission is ‘Engaging community and corporate partners in providing supplemental resources to the Wasatch County School District to improve educational outcomes.’ Their pillars include promoting student excellence and wellness, college and career readiness, and literacy in schools and community. They accomplish this through a variety of resources, including education centers, food pantries, scholarships, and much more.


How to Get Involved

Like CMA, anyone can easily support this amazing cause and help our local students achieve greater academic success. While this foundation has a number of important ways in which they help our local students, one of their major focus areas is to provide Wasatch High School (WHS) seniors with scholarships to help ease the burden of college expenses.

In 2020, 240 WHS graduating seniors—some being the first in their family to pursue a college degree —received a total of $270,000 in educational scholarships toward their post-secondary education. Check out this inspiring video of one such student sharing her story, and for more information on how you can help, check out their option for one-time donations, monthly donations, and other opportunities for giving.