Why Prototype? A Solution for Utah School Districts


CMA Unveils a New Prototype Middle School Design

School Districts across Utah know the difficulty of getting a new facility, especially when State funding is tight and/or bond funds aren’t approved. These impediments don’t lessen the very real needs of the students, educators, and Districts.

Curtis Miner Architecture’s team of K-12 specialists are passionate about educational architecture. Over two decades, we have assisted school districts and communities in Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming in the design, renovation, and replacement of numerous educational facilities. And we’ve noticed a growing need for cost-effective, timely design and construction for these facilities.

This is where prototype designs can be an excellent solution. “A prototype is a design that is meant to be used repeatedly across multiple sites,” explains Kyle Mendoza, Project Manager. “Prototype school designs must meet the general requirements of the local education programs, but still be flexible enough to adapt to different sites with minimal modifications.” Prototype designs can save time and money and can be used to implement necessary benefits, such as sustainability or safety, across an entire district.

CMA specialists recently completed a 170,000 sq. ft. prototype Middle School design with modern 21st-century learning spaces, secure entry, central commons and efficient circulation, a 660-seat auditorium, band room, orchestra room, choir room, athletic facilities, science rooms, media center & lecture halls.


New Middle School Prototype

This design can be adjusted to any curriculum delivery, whether it is a traditional or modern approach.  The design allows for expandability and can be laid out to fit multiple site sizes.


Middle School Prototype

“A prototype design can be delivered more quickly than through a traditional design and construction process,” explains Kyle Mendoza, Project Manager. “This can mean significant savings for a school district.” Interior and exterior finishes can be customized to match a school’s identity. Another benefit? Once one prototype has been built, there is an existing model for costs on future buildings – from construction through to operations.